Arcadia is best viewed using Internet Explorer. However, the most recent versions of come with some features that are incompatible with Arcadia and may negatively affect your experience. It is suggested that Compatibility Mode is turned on for the best performance.

To enable compatibility mode in Internet Explorer, please do the following:

First, logout of Arcadia before applying compatibility view.

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Second, press the "ALT" key on your keyboard to bring up the menu toolbar. Select the "Tools" menu and choose "Compatibility View Settings" from the sub-menu.

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Third, add "" to the list of sites that will use Compatibility View. You can do this by typing into the "Add this website:" text box and then clicking the "Add" button to the right.

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Once you have added, click the close button, and restart Internet Explorer. You may now browse back to and use Arcadia with the appropriate Compatibility View settings.

If applying the Compatibility View Settings does not solve your problems in Arcadia, please contact Daniel Backlund by e-mail at or by phone (806)-743-2723 ex. 230.